Airtel Jhakas Internet Offers ! 29Tk,45Tk,159Tk,179,229 recharge Jhakas Internet Offers

PriceRegular VolumeValidityActivationDAAuto Renewable
29300 MB3 daysDial *123*025# or Recharge 29 takaDA16No
45500 MB5 daysDial *123*045#DA39Yes
1593 GB7 daysDial *123*159# or Recharge 159 takaDA16No
1794 GB7 daysDial *123*179# or Recharge 179 takaDA16No
2291.5 GB28 daysDial *123*229# or Recharge 229 takaDA39 or DA4Yes
VAT, SC & SD included

Subtle elements :
Every single prepaid client are qualified for the offer 
Volume can be utilized as a part of both 3G and 2G 
Volume can be utilized every minute of every day 
Every prepaid client can buy the pack the same number of times as they wish amid battle period