Robi On Demand Jhotpot Balance Service ! Upto BDT 100 ON DEMAND Jhotpot Balance during emergency need when their main account balance is Low from BDT 0-5

All Robi prepaid customers (except Uddokta, Easyload and Corporate) can enjoy Upto BDT 100 ON DEMAND Jhotpot Balance during emergency need when their main account balance is Low from BDT 0-5


  • Except Uddokta, Easyload and Corporate prepaid
  • Except those that have had an outstanding advance on Jhotpot Balance.
  • Except those, who has previously opted in to Regular Jhotpot Balance

Offer Details:

Subscription: Client needs to subscribe through a SMS writing: START<>O to 8811 or Dial *123*007#.

Through this component all the Robi prepaid supporter will be qualified to get On Demand Jhotpot Balance of BDT 12 - 100 in view of their chronicled use.

On Demand Jhotpot Balance credit point of confinement will be changed each month relying upon the client's uses and revive design

To Claim On Demand Jhotpot Balance, clients can take underneath activities:

USSD :: Dial *123*007# (Free of cost) or

SMS :: Type "Begin O" send it to 8811.

For De-enlistment in On Demand Jhotpot Balance, client does not require any quit dialing. Each time they require an adjust, they dial the above code:

For Status Check client will have the capacity to check the On Demand Jhotpot Balance status in underneath way:

SMS :: Type "STATUS" send it to 8811

Clients can utilize this On Demand Jhotpot Balance sum for any nearby voice calls, neighborhood SMS, and any Voice as well as SMS Bundle Purchase.

In the following revive of the client, the On Demand Jhotpot Balance (70% of the energize sum or aggregate Credit/Loan sum - whichever is lower will be pertinent) sum will be deducted from the revived/refilled sum.

Client can appreciate till the greatest/full farthest point of his/her On Demand Jhotpot Balance sum.

Once the Credit sum is completely devoured, no further credit will be permitted till s/he reimburses the advance (somewhat/completely).

Particular bundle call charge and heartbeat will be stay unaltered while benefiting On Demand Jhotpot Balance

To appreciate On Demand Jhotpot Balance clients' needs primary record legitimacy

Any IDD/Roaming utilization is not pertinent in On Demand Jhotpot Balance

Crusade Duration :: Till Further Notice