Robi Handset offer ! Nokia 3 New Smart Phone

Campaign Offer:
OfferDetailsTotal bonus in 3 monthsValidity
  • NOKIA 3
On net100min/month300min21 days
Off net50min/month150min
Data (GB)4GB/month12GB

Handset feature & pricing

  • Screen : 5  inch
  • 1.4 GHz Quad-core processor
  • Camera :8MP+8MP
  • 2GB RAM+16GB ROM
  • Battery :2650mAh
BDT. 13500

Terms & Conditions

  • All Existing and New Robi Pre-paid Mass and SME (Except PCO and simple load) endorsers are qualified for this offer 
  • In the wake of acquiring particular handset, client will create an effective voice call to any legitimate MSISDN No to enlist for qualification checking. The client must have least adjust in the primary record to make a legitimate call. 
  • Reward will be dispensed inside 72hrs from labeling 
  • In the event that any endorser in-dynamic for over 180 days will get the offer after 24 Hrs from first labeling. To get the reward supporter need to make another call after 24 hrs from initiation labeling with the handset 
  • We will consider the MSISDN and IMEI upon first labeling 
  •  Various MSISDN and IMEI labeling won't be considered 
  • To check 018 minutes, On-net Minutes (Robi-Robi/Airtel) dial *123*013# Off-net Minutes (Robi-other nearby administrator) dial *123*014# and web: *8444*88# or *123*3*5#

  • Extra minutes will be pertinent just for neighborhood calls. 
  • Calling to any CUG number from SME/prepaid association will be charged according to existing levy arrange 
  • After utilization of package Minutes, bundle shrewd consistent levy will be pertinent 
  • Upon information volume expiry the supporter will be charged on PPU at BDT 1/1MB 
  • For Pre-paid, 10 sec heartbeat pertinent for extra minutes. 
  • Extra minutes is pertinent for FnF/Partner numbers 
  • Unused reward sum minutes and information won't convey forward 
  • Extra minutes can't be utilized as a part of short code. 
  • Extra minutes can't be utilized for IDD calls. 
  • Reward minute can't be exchanged through adjust exchange. 
  • Bundle savvy every single other levy/advantages will stay unaltered. 
  • Robi, Airtel and Samsung maintain whatever authority is needed to conclude the qualification 
  • For information reward, FUP will be appropriate following 250MB/day. H/S can utilize around 250 MB from the pack after which advance use from a similar pack will diminish his speed to 128kbps. Following day 00:00Hrs the QoS will backpedal to ordinary speed. A SMS will go to client educating that you are currently utilizing 128Kbps speed 
  • Extra packs can be utilized just in recently acquired NOKIA cell phone.
Bonus availability
  • Selected WIC ( Gulshan, Dhanmondi, JFP, Mirpur, Uttara, Narayangonj, Agrabad & Muradpur)
  • Partner channel

  • 1 year standard warranty applicable for handset